From Darkness to Light

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If you've been hit with crisis

If you're drowning in despair and anxiety

From Darkness to Light is for you  

Are you experiencing:

  • The crushing blow of a professional setback? 
  • A relationship in crisis?
  • A financial reversal that you don't know how to recover from?
  • A bad diagnosis or health crisis?
  • Children in crisis? 

You've probably heard the expression, "dark night of the soul?" 

Life is throwing everything at you at once. 

It's dark. It's full of fear. 

You may even believe that you'll get through it. 


But how do you get through the moments when all you feel is despair? 

From Darkness to Light is for men and women who are ready to navigate their Dark Night of the Soul.

In this unique four-week group coaching program, I'll give you the tools I've used to navigate my own "Dark Night of the Soul." 

I'll coach you so you can integrate the tools in a practical way. 

We'll gather together as a community in solidarity and support. 

A Dark Night of the Soul occurs because something better is seeking to emerge in you.

It's calling you to grow forward, or retreat back. 

Choose to move forward! 

How it works:

Group Coaching

  • We will gather via a free video conferencing platform. That way we can see each other and share sacred space together. 
  •  You'll practice and integrate tools to cultivate clarity and peace to calm your ansiety and aleviate your frantic loop of critcal thoughts.
  • I'll coach live.
  • The Group sessions will be recorded and sent to you to watch if you missed the live session or re-watch. 

Courage, Clarity and Confidence

  • You'll get tools designed to manage the anxiety, despair, self-critisim and fear you're experiencing.
  • You'll learn to cultivate peace, joy and love, regardless of your circumstandes.
  • You'll find the beauty that is on the other side of this darkness; a new version of yourself that will be the best you've ever experienced!


  • There's nothing better than knowing that you are NOT alone! 
  • We'll have a private Facebook Community where I will support you and you can support each other. 
  • There's so much power in the gathering of people with a common cause... to hold each other up. To believe in each other. To inspire each other with our individual and collective bravery. 
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You deserve the love, support and tools you'll get when you join

From Darkness to Light

Your Guide

I'm Brenda Florida, certified life coach and expert in the Dark Night of the Soul. In all honesty, I'm a self-declared expert because I've had so many dark nights of the soul! 

When I'm in that dark, scary place, I like to read stories about inspiring people who have overcome the odds. 

The funny thing is, they don't often give a lot of information about how they got through each of those dark days. Those days are lumped together in the story-telling process as a way to create a comparrison to the marvelous life they now live. 

I wanted to know. How did they do it? How did they navigate the moments that feel so terrible and permanent, even when we know they won't be? 

That's what I learned how to do. 

I want you to know how to do it too. 

What you'll get: From Darkness to Light

Week One

We begin with the foundations. You will learn how to escape the stressful thoughts and stories, about the past and future, that keep us in a loop of despair and hopelessness. 

We'll discuss our program mantra: there's no power outside of you greater than the power inside you! 

Week Two

You'll learn how to escape the downward spiral of anxiety and fear. How to retrain your brain and liberate your body into a state that has more possibility and more freedom.

Week Three

How do you want to feel when this dark time is over? What are you moving towards? We'll get clear on the life we want and how to navigate towards it even during a difficult time.

Week Four

We cultivate courage. The ability to show up for ourselves when we can't control the outcome. We also begin to learn how important celebration is to this process. 

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Brenda 10x'd my life! 

I had been stuck in a relationship pattern for nearly two years, making excuses for it. It was even affecting my business. I kept repeating the same pattern and I couldn’t stop it. Now I’m free from that. After working with Brenda, my life is 10X’d! Every area of my life has improved. 

Dan M

Brenda has a magical way... 

of asking you JUST the right questions to help you really uncover where your blocks are, whether it’s with mindset, relationships or your business. I had such a massive change on our first call. I can only imagine what I’ll be unpacking over the course of us working together. If you are feeling a bit stuck or frustrated with the way things are right now, Brenda can help you see the light!  

Alex E

What you get:

Four weekly group coaching calls on a Free video conferencing system. 

Session dates are: 

  • Tuesdays, May 21 and 28, June 4 and 11th at 5:00 pm Pacific/8:00 pm Eastern 
  • Sessions will be recorded and automatically emailed to you. Don't worry about making it to all the sessions live. You will have access to me and be able to ask questions through the Facebook Group.
  • Sessions will last approximately one-hour. 

A private Facebook Group only for members of "From Darkness to Light." 

  • This will be a judgment-free, sacred space where we can all be vulnerable, transparent, authentic and open. 
  • We can share, support and celebrate each other!

Total Investment:


Enrollment is limited to 10 to ensure an intimate group coaching experience so grab your seat before it's gone. 

I'm ready to buy!