Queen of Your Business Masterclass

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Queen of your Business Masterclass 

Monday, September 27 /7:00 PM Eastern/4:00 PM Pacific


Become the Queen of Your Business and life! Don't miss this FREE interactive Masterclass.  

Are you ready to:  

  • Have the confidence to raise your prices or expand your business?
  • Quit self-doubt and get more clients?ubt 
  • Set better boundaries in relationships, in and out of your business?
  • Turn fear into self-empowerment?
  • Actually look forward to going to your desk on Monday?
  • Have more fun and add more pleasure to your life and business?  

Then The Queen of Your Business Masterclass is for YOU!  


Who's behind this Masterclass?

Brenda is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and entrepreneur with over 20 years of management and leadership experience. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs by focusing on pleasure, prosperity and personal empowerment.  

Through a dynamic combination of mindset tools, working with emotions and feelings states, then adding a good dose of practical action steps, Brenda has guided countless women through sustainable change. 

What it's like working with Brenda

"I’ve never known anyone more passionate about helping agent's reach their goals in their business and personal lives. Brenda teaches us to live in the moment. I was very fortunate to have Brenda Florida as my office manager and the opportunity to attend her coaching and training sessions. I learned so much about myself and how to deal with real estate and life situations. Brenda is someone with a tremendous amount of energy and she will take your business to the next level." - Betty H

"Brenda has a magical way of asking you JUST the right questions to help you really uncover where your blocks are, whether it’s with mindset, relationships or your business. I had such a massive change on our first call..I can only imagine what I’ll be unpacking over the course of us working together. If you are feeling a bit stuck or frustrated with the way things are right now, Brenda can help you see the light!" - Alex E

"Brenda is a high-energy resource who will instantly get you moving toward your professional and personal goals. Starting with your relationship with yourself." - Heather B