Be the Queen of your Body

Are you dating, or in a new relationship, and feeling insecure about your body? 

Passion, Pleasure and Confidence

Dating and starting a relationship can be fun! 

Unless you're freaking out and feeling:

  • Awkward about meeting someone new
  • Insecure about your body
  • Unsure of yourself sexually
  • Worried about how to know when to become sexual with him 
  • Worried about telling him if you aren't ready to be sexual
  • Self-conscious about letting him see your body for the first time
  • Nervous about to how tell him what you want and don't want sexually
  • Worried about how to please him sexually

Would you rather feel confident, sexy and powerful? 

Queen of Your Body will teach you how in 30 days! 

30 Days to Be the Queen of Your Body

In this 30 day program you'll get the tips and tools to guide you on your path of self-exploration, self-love, sexual exploration, self-awareness and empowerment. 

This is what makes you a Queen! 

As a Queen:

You trust yourself and know what to do. 

Saying Yes and No, when you mean it. 

You know what you want and you're not afraid to ask for it. 

You know that you are responsible for your happiness and that the men in your life are there to enhance that happiness, not deliver it to you.

You know your body. You love your body. Exactly as it is. 

You prioritize self-care, without ever feeling guilty. 

You take charge of your sexual pleasure by knowing what turns your body on (and off) and by communicating that clearly to your lover. 

You get joy out of knowing what gives your lover pleasure. You don't play guessing games, you ask him what he wants. You give him pleasure in ways that also feel pleasurable to you. 


You'll get weekly emails and recordings to keep you inspired and on track to be the Queen of Your Body!

You'll also get your own "Yes Queen" journal to use as your companion through the program to note your insights, write you questions and celebrate your "Yes Queen!" wins! 


We'll start October 22nd with weekly group coaching sessions on Wednesdays. Calls will be recorded so don't worry if you can't make it live.


Because you're sick of not trusting yourself. 

You want to date feeling worthy of being treated like a Queen.

You want to feel confident sexually.

You know you are the prize!


Meet your coach and sister Queen, Brenda Florida

Brenda is an entrepreneur, life coach, speaker and writer. She is driven by empowering women in their sex lives, careers and in relationships. How do we know if we need empowerment? Simple. The things that intimiate us, tigger fear and keep us quiet are all things that we've given our power to. When we take our power back, we liberate ourselves to create the lives we deserve and dream of. There's always a way to take your power back and Brenda is passionate about coaching women on how to do that in their careers, relationships and sexual lives. 


So much magic!

"Brenda has a magical way of uncovering where the blocks are about our bodies, relationships and businesses. I had such a massive change on our first call.. I can only imagine what I’ll be unpacking over the course of our working together. If you are feeling a bit stuck or frustrated with the way things are right now, Brenda can help you see the light!"  

Alex E

I'm ready to be the Queen of my Body!

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